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Our Services

Our Services

We have over 10 years experiences in compliance specialists help you understand which technical regulations and standards you need and to secure international certification for your products and services.


We offer comprehensive expansion solutions for overseas companies entering the UK market, including storage solutions, office location scouting, and talent acquisition for seamless market growth.

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Registering your brand name as a trademark will give you the exclusive right to use that brand for your products.  Protect your brand name today by applying for a trademark registration.


We offer ongoing consultancy, system implementation and management training to providing ongoing support for a range of Standards.


We have warehouse in UK and Germany where can  support the growth of your online shop throughout whole Europe countries.

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About Us

Imperial Global Management (IGM) Group is a full-scale business consulting service company established in the United Kingdom dedicated to providing companies with solutions to the severe challenges faced in the business field in all aspects of the business, including but not limited to providing global market expansion strategy consulting services and training, Product compliance services, tax compliance services, trademark, and patent intellectual property legal services, ISO quality management system services, CE certification services, overseas market industry research services, global marketing and global brand promotion services, from practical view helps enterprises to access overseas market.

IGM Group experts have many years of experience in the fields of product certification, quality system certification, EU taxation, corporate management consulting, etc., providing cross-border e-commerce companies and brand manufacturers with full global market expansion services, and creating a one-stop service for the brand expanding to overseas market, making it a trusted international brand.

IGM team is a comprehensive team that is international, passionate about innovation, dedicated to efficiency, and full of enthusiasm. Our team is led by our founder, David Chen, a British Chinese. He is a Chartered Global Management Accountant, and graduated from a top business school in the world and has a global MBA from Manchester Business School.

The other team members have also graduated from various universities around the world with 10 years of rich experience in the global market, especially the EU market expansion and product certification compliance service industry.

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